Tuesday, 27 August 2013

REVIEW: Oriflame triple core 3D lipstick

Hey guys. So I am a biiiiig lipstick/ chopstick/ lip gloss addict. I probably have about 30 of them in total. I like vibrant colours and I need lipsticks to moisturise my lips as I tend to freak out when I feel like my lips are going dry. Some time ago I bought  this triple core 3D lipstick from Oriflame. It really caught my eye when I saw it in the catalogue. I thought the 3D effect looked really cool so I picked it up.

What the company claims: 
The world’s first triple core lipstick fusing caring balm, passionate colour and dramatic gloss into one. The result is lips that are softer, more beautiful and more impactful than ever before. With avocado, jojoba oil, chamomile and vitamin E. 

Basically the lipstick aims to create an optical illusion of fuller lips due to contour, volume and the vibrant colours.

The lipstick contains 3 different shades to create the 3D effect:

  • Darker shade (the outer core) - contour effect to make lips appear more voluminous 
  • Silver shade (the middle core) - illuminate and optically plump your lips
  • Lighter shade ( the inner core) - the finishing touch. Contrasting colour gives stunning volume.
It comes in five shades:
  • Nude peach
  • Coral pink
  • Red Coral
  • Fuschia candy
  • Berry pink
The one I got is Red coral

Bare lips

Price: The catalogue price is 15.25 but I got it on sale for 10.95

- Easy to apply
- blends in easily
- doesn't feel heavy on the lips
- there is a choice between the shades
- nice packaging
- it makes the lips look fuller
- good for everyday use or party

- a bit too pricey

Would I recommend it: Yes

Would I repurchase: Probably

So if you like it, I would recommend you to find a consultant or order from me .

Have you tried this lipstick yet? What do you think about it?

I hope you found this review helpful :)

I just wanted to let you know that I buy all Oriflame products myself, I don't get it for free to review. ;)



  1. Nice review:)

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