Friday, 30 August 2013

August Favourites

Hey there people! Today I want to share with you the with the things I liked the most and used the most in August. 

1. Noa Eau de toillete 
It was my birthday on the 16th of August and my lovely friend got me this lovely perfume which I didn't have for a long long time. I love the way that this smell brought back so many memories, like how is it even possible? Ha!  Noa is classified as a luxurious, gentle, floral fragrance, with a blend of fruit and spices. It's definitely one of my favourite fragrances.

2.  MISS SPORTY perfect colour lipstick 038 I love
This is my favourite lipstick of all times. I love love love the colour. It really is perfect. It's so vibrant and eye catching. It stays on for a long time and I love to wear it on a night out. It's really cheap too, around 4 .        I have to look out for different shades of this perfect colour lipstick. 

3. CATRICE Prime and fine translucent loose powder
My friend Aggy introduced me to this beauty. This is crucial when you're planning on going out as it keeps the makeup in place and gets rid of unwanted shine without drying out the skin. Because it's translucent, it adapts to every skin tone and ensures a smooth, matt and radiant complexion when applied over makeup. It's affordable and does the job right!

4. Rimmel BB cream 9in1
I got this BB cream while I was in Poland. I wanted to try it as everybody was talking about it. So while I was in my friends' house I showed it to my friend who is obsessed with makeup and I was veeery disappointed when she told me that the real BB creams are only produced in Asia and cost around 25 which is expensive comparing to the one I bought in Poland for about €5. Nonetheless I really like this BB cream. At first I couldn't get used to the consistency, which is a bit thicker than my foundation. I usually wear it under my foundation, but when it was really sunny here in Ireland, I was wearing only the BB cream. I will definitely buy it again.

5. TRESemme shampoo for dry, frizz prone hair
My sister bought this shampoo on sale for about €3. I used it once, because mine was finished and since that time I've been stealing it from her (sorry sis :P ) It's a 900ml bottle anyway.. TRESemme is a really good brand for hair products. I have a hairspray as well and it's brilliant. So anyway I love this shampoo, because it leaves my hair sooo smooth. 

So that is it for my August Favourites. What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments :)



  1. I'm not obsessed. :D Just... deeply interested in cosmetics. ;P

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