Saturday, 24 August 2013

REVIEW: 2FX mascara Oriflame

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Today I'm going to review 2FX Mascara from Oriflame. As I told you before, I'm a consultant, so I always try to pick up something new and try it out. I have been devoted to the one and only Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt mascara ( I probably will review it some other time) for the past 4?5? years, so I decided to give this one a try. 

One mascara, Two effects – How does it all work?
While it might at first appear that there are two different brushes, there is of course only one. Thanks to an innovative brush wiper mechanism, opening the black cap limits the amount of bulk that is deposited on the brush for defined yet lengthened lashes. When you open the silver cap more mascara is left on the brush for voluptuous and volumized lashes. I have never seen a mascara like that before. 

So let me show you how it looks on my lashes. I have short and thin eye lashes. 

Price: The catalogue price is 13.75 but I bought it on sale for only 6.25. I think this is a reasonable price for a mascara.

- You can create 2 different looks
- separates lashes 
- it's easy to wipe off 
- it's affordable 
- defines the lashes 
- dries quickly

-it clumps a little bit when I put the second coat on, but in my opinion one coat is enough
-it's not waterproof
- doesn't really curl the lashes, but if you have a curler it won't be a problem :)

Would I recommend it: Yes, if you know anyone who is a consultant, I would advise you to go and talk to them or  order from me

Would I repurchase? Yes

I hope you liked this review and found it useful . 


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